Talking About Wealth

Anton: Look at that guy. He’s been in town two weeks and he’s already Throwing his money around.

Vanessa: You know as well as I do that Money talks. He’s just trying To make a splash in the business community.

Anton: If that were all he was doing then I wouldn’t say anything, but he’s a Social climber of the worst kind. Who does he think he is?

Vanessa: He’s someone who’s used To getting his way, that’s obvious. He’s not the first Affluent person to try To buy influence and Social standing in a community.

Anton: Yeah, but look at all of the people in this town Throwing themselves at him!

Vanessa: He has Donated generously to the town and given to the arts. He’s even given money toward building the new community center, and it wasn’t Chump change either. If he wants to be a Patron in this town, who are we To look a gift horse in the mouth?

Anton: Right, so Spreading money around gives him the right to walk around like he owns this town?

Vanessa: Is this a case of Sour grapes?

Anton: Ha, right! Haven’t you heard? Money is the root of all evil!

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Talking About Wealth