Talking to the Professor

[A knock on the door.]

Jeff: Come in.

Julie: Hi, Dr. McQuillan, I’m Julie Taylor. I’m in your 2 o’clock class on Thursdays.

Jeff: Hi, Julie. Have a seat. What can I do for you?

Julie: I wanted to come see you during your Office hours because I Missed class last week. I had a Family emergency.

Jeff: I’m sorry to hear that. We Went over A lot of Material so make sure you get the Notes from another student in class.

Julie: Thanks, I will. Did you give any Assignments?

Jeff: Yes, I assigned an Essay on the topics in chapter 3 of your Textbook.

Julie: Oh, I see. Are there Guidelines for the essay?

Jeff: Yes, it should be 8-10 pages and it’s Due in two weeks. Take a look at your Syllabus. It has more details.

Julie: I will. Thanks a lot. I’ve also Been meaning to talk to you about the trouble I’m having keeping up In class. I’m having trouble understanding the Lectures. Is there anything you would suggest?

Jeff: Some students tape record the lectures and listen to them Afterwards. That seems to help.

Julie: That’s a great idea. I’ll definitely try that. I’m wondering if you give Extra credit in your class?

Jeff: No, I don’t give extra credit assignments. But if you’re worried about Passing, there are still two more tests To pull up your grade.

Julie: Yes, I’ll study hard for those. Thanks a lot for your time.

Jeff: No problem. See you in class.

Julie: Okay, Professor McQuillan, see you Thursday.

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Talking to the Professor