A Trip to New York City

(The phone rings.)

Lucy: Hello.

Jeff: Hey
Lucy, it’s Jeff.

Lucy: Hey, welcome back. How was your vacation?

Jeff: Oh, it was great. The seven days in New York was a Blast.

Lucy: Oh, yeah? Did you do any sightseeing or just visit with friends?

Jeff: I got to do both, actually. First, I saw my friend Edmundo who just moved there. He hadn’t seen much of the city himself so we went to all the Tourist spots. We got a Guidebook and went to the major Museums, saw a Play, went to a Concert in Central Park, and took the Staten Island Ferry. We did all of that in a day and a half. It was a Whirlwind, but we got to see a lot.

Lucy: A day and a half?! You guys must have been Exhausted.

Jeff: Yeah, we were. But, the rest of my trip was pretty low key. My friends Pat and Billie Rented a car And we took a Road trip to Upstate New York to visit some other friends of ours.

Lucy: Did you have To stay over in a hotel Along the way, or did you Drive straight through?

Jeff: We didn’t bother with Booking hotel rooms so we just drove straight there. It wasn’t that far.

Lucy: How long did you stay there?

Jeff: We were only there two days and we Drove back And Got back Last night. My flight was this morning at 8 a. m. The worst part of the whole trip was that my flight was Cancelled. I was Rebooked onto another flight that had a three-hour Layover in Chicago. That was a Major pain.

Lucy: It sounds like it. Well, I’m glad you Made it back okay. And, you even have the weekend To rest up before work on Monday.

Jeff: Yeah, I’ll need it. I’ve got To catch up on my sleep!

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