Having a Best Friend

Lucy: I’m so excited! My friend, Marlene, is coming to town for a visit.

Buddy: Have I met Marlene?

Lucy: No, I don’t think so. We Grew up together and we were always Joined at the hip.

Buddy: When I was little, I had a friend like that. We were Blood brothers.

Lucy: Yeah, Marlene and I did everything together and she was my Confidant about everything.

Buddy: She sounds like a great friend.

Lucy: Yeah, she always Had my back and I could always Count on her To give it to me straight.

Buddy: A friend like that is Hard to come by. Are you still Close?

Lucy: Not as close as I’d like. We live in different cities and it’s hard To keep up with what’s happening in each other’s lives.

Buddy: I can see that. Does she know you’re getting married?

Lucy: No, I wanted To break the news to her Face-to-face.

Buddy: Why? I would have thought you’d want to tell her the good news right away.

Lucy: Well, I want her to be my Maid of honor and I’m not sure how she’ll react to the dress she’ll have to wear.

Buddy: Is it that bad?

Lucy: My future mother-in-law Picked it out and I can’t say “no.” Here’s a picture of it.

Buddy: Well, I’m glad she’s such a good friend, because if anything can Break up a friendship, it’s that dress.

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Having a Best Friend