Types of Students in School

Cheech: Is this your old Yearbook?

Boo: Yeah, I found it while cleaning out my closet.

Cheech: Look at your picture! You look like you were an Honor roll student.

Boo: Don’t be fooled. I was just an average student, not the Valedictorian, but not a Dropout either.

Cheech: Who is that? She’s very pretty.

Boo: That’s my friend Marlene. In high school, she was good at everything. She had a high GPA and took every available AP class.

Cheech: So she was a Nerd.

Boo: No, not at all. She was also a Jock, a member of lots of Student clubs, and was Student body president.

Cheech: Wow, she must have been Popular.

Boo: She was, but she wasn’t Stuck-up. She got along with everybody, not just the football players and Cheerleaders. She was friends with Geeks and Goths, too. Everybody liked her.

Cheech: Where is she now? Do you still keep in touch?

Boo: Yes, of course. She’s doing very well and is very successful.

Cheech: And Single?

Boo: Yeah, but you’re not her type.

Cheech: And what type is that?

Boo: You? Definitely a Druggie.

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