Types of Views

Andrea: Help me decide on which type of hotel room To book.

George: I want the one with a bed.

Andrea: Very funny. We have a choice of different views, and each one is a different price. For instance, a room with a City view is $175 a night and a Panoramic view is $275 a night.

George: $275 a night?! That’s Highway robbery!

Andrea: If you think that’s too Steep, there are a few other options. We can get a Courtyard room with no view for $120 a night or a room with an Obstructed or Peek-a-boo ocean views for $130 a night.

George: I don’t really care which type of room we get as long as we don’t End up with a room on the Ground floor. I don’t like having people walking Back and forth outside my window all night.

Andrea: Okay, I can request a room on an Upper floor. You really don’t have a Preference?

George: No, not really.

Andrea: There is a Penthouse room for $400 a night.

George: What?! For that price, I’d better get a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Parthenon, and the Great Wall of China!

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Types of Views