Taking Credit

Jeff: You’re not going to believe what happened?

Lucy: Oh, is the big meeting over? What happened?

Jeff: Dan tried To take credit for Our idea for the new Campaign.

Lucy: You’re kidding me! I thought he might try To pull something Like this, but I didn’t think he’d Have the nerve To do that.

Jeff: Yeah, and To top it off, he said that he did it all by himself.

Lucy: He’s unbelievable. What a Jerk! He Slacks off for the last two weeks and Doesn’t lift a finger To help on any part of the project.

Jeff: Well, he’s not going To get away with it. I’m going to talk to the senior vice president. I think she’ll listen.

Lucy: Are you sure? I think she’s Fair-minded, but maybe she thinks we should Work it out with Dan ourselves. She might not want To step in.

Jeff: Well, can you think of another way To handle this?

Lucy: I wish I could. I don’t want to just Blow it off, but we have to think of the Fall out. Maybe the senior VP will end up thinking we can’t Fight our own battles.

Jeff: Yeah, you’re right. I’m just so Ticked off right now I can’t think.

Lucy: That’s probably the problem. We both need to cool off so we can Think straight. Let’s get some coffee and see what we can come up with.

Jeff: That sounds good. But, if I see Dan on the way out, I’m going to Floor that guy.

Lucy: Yeah. That makes two of us.

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