Taking Care of Pets

Magda: Oooh, he’s so cute. When did you get him?

Tony: Yesterday. I’m Training him to do Tricks.

Magda: Really? Are you having any luck?

Tony: No, not yet. So far, he just Lies there, but maybe he’s hungry and doesn’t have any energy to play. I’m going To feed him a few Treats and give him some water in his Bowl.

Magda: Uh, okay.

Tony: And then later, I’m going to take him for a walk. Here are the new Collar and Leash I bought for him. I’ll be sure to bring his Carrier in case he gets too tired to walk.

Magda: Whatever you say. Are you sure you need to do all that?

Tony: Oh, sure. It’s important to keep pets healthy and happy, don’t you think? I’m going To groom him later. I wouldn’t want him to get Fleas or Ticks. Maybe I should take him to see the Vet for a Checkup.

Magda: I really don’t think that’ll be necessary. Tony, you do know that that’s a Pet rock, right?

Tony: Yeah, What’s your point?

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Taking Care of Pets