Pets in Great Britain

В топике Домашние животные в Великобритании рассказывается, насколько сильно англичане привязаны к своим домашним животным: собакам, кошкам и попугайчикам. Англичанин никогда не скажет про животное “оно”, а только “он” или “она”. Насколько уважительно британцы относятся к животным, говорит и знаменитое выражение: “Моя собака и я”, т. е. животное – всегда на первом месте.

Lots of families in Great Britain have got one or more pets. Dogs are the favourite pets and there are about 6 million of them in Great Britain. The second favourite are cats (about 5 millions) and the third favourite is a bird – budgie. Some families do not keep cats or dogs. They keep other animals as pets in their homes. There are more than 12 million pets in Britain. The English take good care of their pets. They give them nice names: Rover, Rex, Cindy, Misty (for dogs); Albert, Snowy, Fluffy, Tom (for cats); Polly, Chatterbox (for parrots); Guy, Scamper, Shipley, Shirley (for monkeys). When they speak of their pets, they say, “he” or “she”, not “it”. The English give their pets nice food to eat. They buy food for their pets in pet shops. The English are pet lovers.

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