Taking Pictures

My nephew’s wedding is Coming up This Saturday, and I thought it would be nice to take some Candids for the Happy couple. My wife, who’s the Photographer in the family, wasn’t around today, so I decided to Strike out on my own and Head off to the camera shop. I love to shop for new Gadgets.

When I got to the store. I was Blown away by all the options I had! There were Disposable cameras, Digital cameras, cameras combined with Camcorders – it was Making my head spin. I finally asked one of the sales clerks what he would recommend.

“It depends if you want a Point-and-shoot type, or are looking for something more Fancy,” he said.

“I’m looking for something that will take a good Shot and not be too complicated to operate,” I replied.

“Well, this one here has a Built-in flash and takes good pictures. When you’ve finished Shooting the Roll, just bring it in and we’ll Develop them for you.‚”

“Do you make Enlargements of the prints if I’m interested in doing that?‚”

“Sure,” he said, “we can do 4 x 6 or 8 x 10 glossies, if you’d like.‚”

I decided to go with the camera he recommended. Now all I have to do is Justify the new camera to my wife.

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