Attending an Ex’s Wedding

Andy: What did you do last weekend?

Yuka: I went to Jamal’s Wedding.

Andy: Jamal?! Your Ex Jamal?

Yuka: Yes, that Jamal.

Andy: He Had the nerve to invite you to his wedding?

Yuka: I actually thought it was nice of him to invite me. Whatever happened between us years ago is Water under the bridge. There are No hard feelings on either side.

Andy: You told me that the Breakup was Mutual, but I always thought you still Had a soft place in your heart for him.

Yuka: The truth is, when we first broke up, I did Harbor some hopes of the two of us getting back together, but that Never came to pass. We both Moved on and I Wish him well.

Andy: Well, how was the wedding?

Yuka: It was very nice and Jamal’s new wife seems to be a good Match for him.

Andy: And you didn’t mind seeing them together?

Yuka: Not at all, especially after I met Lorenzo.

Andy: Lorenzo, huh? You’ve been Holding out on me. Do tell!

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Attending an Ex’s Wedding