Attending an Auction

Diane: This is so exciting! I’ve never been to an Auction before.

Martin: Sit down. It’s about to start. The Auctioneer is on the Podium with her Gavel and she’s ready to start the Bidding.

Diane: Are you bidding on the first Lot?

Martin: No, the Reserve is too high. See? The Opening bid is over 10,000 dollars. I’m not surprised. Items of that quality don’t appear on the Auction block very often.

Diane: What are those people doing on the phone?

Martin: They are bidding On behalf of people who can’t be here, the Absentee bidders. Hey, stop waving that Paddle around! The auctioneer is going to think that you’re placing a bid.

Diane: Oh, sorry. Listen, the price is up to 30,500 dollars. Going, going, gone! The auction house is going to make a nice Commission on that one. This is so much fun!

Martin: Shhh! I’m going to bid on the next lot. Where is the paddle?

Diane: The paddle?

Martin: Yeah, the paddle. Where did you put it?

Diane: I had it just a minute ago.

Martin: Find it, Or else I’m putting your head on the block.

Diane: The auction block?

Martin: No, the Chopping block!

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Attending an Auction