Dating a Younger Man/Woman

Tadashi: Was that Diane you were talking to Just now?

Helen: Yeah, do you know her?

Tadashi: Diane and I Used to work together. She looked happy.

Helen: Yeah, she’s dating a new man. I just got The scoop. He’s not her usual Type.

Tadashi: What do you mean?

Helen: Well, he’s a little younger than she is.

Tadashi: That’s no big deal Nowadays. How much younger?

Helen: Diane is 42 and he’s 27.

Tadashi: They’re 15 years apart! Talk about Robbing the cradle!

Helen: Hey, didn’t you just say that May-December romances aren’t that uncommon? From what Diane tells me, they have a lot of Things in common.

Tadashi: Yes, I did. But that was before I knew there was such a huge Age difference between them. I know that my parents wouldn’t Approve of me dating a woman 15 years older than me.

Helen: Aren’t you being a Hypocrite? After your parents Divorced, didn’t your father remarry? And, isn’t your Step-mother 18 years younger than your father?

Tadashi: But, but…that’s different.

Helen: How? Because Diane is a woman and your father is a man?

Tadashi: Yeah. I Don’t mind saying it. There’s a Double standard. I think a lot of people would agree with me.

Helen: You may be right, but I’m not one of them.

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