Dating a Possessive Person

Eliana: You’re here! I didn’t think you’d be able to come.

Matt: Why? I like seeing a movie with my friends As much as the next guy.

Eliana: Yeah, but it’s been weeks since we’ve seen you, ever since you started dating Helen.

Matt: She doesn’t Own me. She’s a little Possessive, but I Put my foot down when she gets too Clingy.

Eliana: Doesn’t she get Jealous if you So much as look at another woman?

Matt: She’s the jealous type, that’s true, but I Reassure her all the time that she’s the only one I want. It’s true that she’s Critical of other women, too, but what woman isn’t? She’s fine if she knows where I am and whom I’m with.

Eliana: You mean you have To report in to her on your Whereabouts?

Matt: She likes to know what I’m doing. She’s just concerned about me, that’s all.

Eliana: She seems really Controlling.

Matt: What did you say?

Eliana: Nothing. I see Xavier and Sophie over there. Ready to get our tickets?

Matt: Hold on one second. I just need to text Helen an Update. If she doesn’t hear from me every half hour, she worries. Isn’t that Sweet?

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