Talking About Intelligence

Andre: Mom, I can’t believe I got Stuck with Matt as my Lab partner in school.

Josephine: Matt? Do I know Matt?

Andre: He lives down the street. He’s Mr. and Mrs. Kemp’s son. He’s a total Airhead.

Josephine: Oh, I remember him. He was at your birthday party.

Andre: Yeah, when I was nine years old! That guy is so Dense!

Josephine: Matt was always considered a Gifted child. He seemed bright and Perceptive, and his parents thought he’d Go far.

Andre: If you ask me, he’s Not all there. Every time I look over at him in class, he’s Staring off into space. He doesn’t seem like the kind who’s very Quick on the uptake.

Josephine: You know, some very Smart people can seem Spacey to the rest of us. Maybe he’s just thinking when he stares off into space.

Andre: Maybe. All I know is that my science grade is Riding on How we do in the lab, so I hope he Shapes up.

Josephine: I’m sure he will. And even if he doesn’t, you’re Clever enough to still do well in the class.

Andre: Thanks, Mom, but I wouldn’t Bet on it!

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