And Badly-Behaved Children

Josephine: Hello.

Ray: Hi, Josephine, it’s Ray. We have a meeting today at 10 a. m. and I was wondering if you would mind if I brought my kids with me. Their babysitter didn’t show up.

Josephine: Oh, sure. That’s no problem. Your children are so Well-behaved. Even at their age, they have Impeccable manners.

Ray: Well, they’re not always Little angels, but they’re not too much of a Handful, Thank goodness.

Josephine: You know what they say: Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice

Ray: It is probably a little easier with two girls. I Feel sorry for my mother who raised six boys.

Josephine: Six boys!

Ray: Yeah, and before we were born, my father thought that Children should be seen but not heard. Was he in for a Rude awakening! We were all very Unruly. Imagine six boys only One year apart. We got Yelled at a lot for being Naughty.

Josephine: But that’s how boys are, aren’t they? Girls are different. They’re quiet, Sweet, and Even-tempered. What’s that noise?

Ray: That noise is my daughters creating a Ruckus fighting Tooth and nail over a toy. So much for quiet, sweet, and even-tempered!

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