Having a Picnic

Bill: Surprise! I brought you here to this beautiful spot for a romantic Picnic. I have a very special question to ask you.

Madison: Oh, that’s so sweet. Did you remember to bring a Picnic blanket?

Bill: I did. I have everything we’ll need in this Picnic basket.

Madison: Don’t put it down there. There are Ants. You should put it on the blanket.

Bill: Yes, you’re right.

Madison: And I hope you remembered to bring something to drink. I’m thirsty.

Bill: I brought both food and a bottle of Champagne.

Madison: Well, I hope the food isn’t too cold and the champagne isn’t too warm. You know how I hate warm champagne.

Bill: Actually the food is cold because I brought chicken Sandwiches and Potato salad.

Madison: Oh, I thought you would have brought something a little more, well, Gourmet or Lavish, something a little special.

Bill: That’s why I brought the champagne. It’ll make this picnic extra special.

Madison: I guess we’ll have To make do With warm champagne and sandwiches. I hope you remembered to bring a Corkscrew and some Dishes and Silverware.

Bill: I bought paper plates and plastic Utensils.

Madison: Paper and plastic? I guess we’ll have to make do with those, too. Okay, now, you said you had a special question you wanted to ask me. What is it?

Bill: Question? Oh, Never mind. It’ll keep.

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Having a Picnic