Finding the Right Wine

Antonio: Why are we stopping here?

Melanie: We can’t go to the dinner party Empty-handed. We need to bring a bottle of Wine.

Antonio: I don’t know anything about wines. You’ll need to pick a bottle.

Melanie: I don’t know much about wines, either. I just know we need a good Table wine. Do you think we should get a bottle of White, Red, or Rose?

Antonio: I don’t know.

Melanie: The Label on this one says that it’s Fruity and not too Tart. This other one says that it’s Full-bodied, but I think we want a Light-bodied one, right?

Antonio: I have no idea.

Melanie: The label on this one says that it’s from a California Vineyard. Is that good or bad?

Antonio: I don’t know. Stop asking me. Here’s a Corkscrew. Why don’t you take out the cork and we’ll have a taste?

Melanie: That’s very funny. You’re not helping me at all.

Antonio: I say we just bring them a Six-pack. I know I’d rather have Beer than wine any day.

Melanie: Stop fooling around. We need to pick out a bottle of wine.

Antonio: I have an idea. Let’s bring them a bottle of Champagne. You Can’t go wrong with champagne.

Melanie: Champagne? It’s not a Special occasion.

Antonio: We’ll tell them that being invited for dinner in their home is a special occasion for us. They’ll be happy to hear that.

Melanie: I don’t know about that.

Antonio: Trust me. Grab a bottle and let’s go. We’re late!

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