Shopping for Men’s Shoes

Curran: I like these Tennis shoes. I need a new pair.

Beth: We’re here to buy you some Dress shoes for attending Chelsey’s wedding. You can’t go wearing those Worn out loafers, and you need time To break them in.

Curran: All right. Just pick whatever you think is suitable and let’s go.

Beth: Don’t you want To have a say in what you wear? I think these Oxfords are nice. What do you think?

Curran: Great. I’m a size 10 and a half. I’ll try them on and we’ll go.

Beth: You can’t just buy the first pair of shoes you see. How about these?

Curran: Those Patent leather shoes? They have purple Laces. Well, if you think they’re okay…

Beth: No, they’re not. These shoes are totally wrong for the occasion, Not to mention hideous. I was just trying To get a rise out of you so you’ll pick the shoes you like.

Curran: But I don’t care what I wear. Just pick a pair.

Beth: No, you pick.

Curran: Fine. How about these?

Beth: No, they’re not dressy enough. They look more like Sandals than dress shoes.

Curran: Then how about these?

Beth: Those Boots? Definitely not.

Curran: Okay, these then.

Beth: Those shoes Fasten with Velcro. Are you kidding me?

Curran: Okay, why don’t you just tell me what my Taste should be and I’ll buy what you want me to buy?

Beth: And leave you with no say in your own purchase? What kind of Cousin would I be if I did that?

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