Shopping for Warm-Weather Clothes

Spencer: I would love to see you in this Outfit: a Tank top and a Miniskirt.

Lauren: No way! I wouldn’t look anything like that Mannequin. I’m too shy and I’d Make a fool of myself wearing such Revealing clothes.

Spencer: That’s where you’re wrong. You would look great on the beach in that outfit with a bikini underneath.

Lauren: I haven’t worn a bikini in years. I always wear a one-piece now. In fact, I’d feel more comfortable in a T-shirt, Cut-offs, and Flip-flops.

Spencer: Why would you want to hide that Figure? If you want to do that, why don’t you just wear this Hawaiian shirt and these Board-shorts. Then no one will know you’re a woman!

Lauren: Don’t get mad. Okay, you can pick out an outfit for me and I promise to wear it for you. Okay?

Spencer: Fine, but I’m warning you: I want To see some skin!

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Shopping for Warm-Weather Clothes