Serving Drinks and Cocktails

Spencer: I’m practicing making drinks for the party tonight. Do you want to try one?

Heidi: You’re the Bartender? I didn’t know you knew how To mix drinks.

Spencer: I can Hold my own. Okay, Name it and I’ll make it – any Mixed drink or Cocktail.

Heidi: Okay, I’ll have a Screwdriver.

Spencer: A Screwdriver? Hmm…what’s in that?

Heidi: Aren’t you supposed to know, Mr. Bartender?

Spencer: I’ve never made one of those before, that’s all. Try something else.

Heidi: How about a Bloody Mary?

Spencer: A Bloody Mary, a Bloody Mary…do you want that On the rocks?

Heidi: Sure, that’ll be great.

Spencer: Here you are – a Bloody Mary in a Highball. Enjoy!

Heidi: [Makes a gagging sound] This doesn’t taste like a Bloody Mary. It tastes like you poured an entire bottle of Alcohol into this.

Spencer: Oh, come on. It’s not that bad. Here, I’ll add a little Soda, and oh, I forgot the Garnish.

Heidi: I don’t think that’s going to help. Can I give you some advice? Stick to Shots and drinks served Straight up.

Spencer: Ah, don’t Lose faith in me. Let me make you one more drink.

Heidi: Okay, but make it Virgin. My mouth is still on fire from the last one.

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