Riding in a Limousine

Mandy: Whoo! Whoo!

Theo: Hey, get down from there. You shouldn’t be sticking your head out of the Sunroof.

Mandy: I just wanted to get some air. This Stretch limo is amazing.

Theo: Well, I thought I’d rent one and take you to the Prom in style.

Mandy: This is The height of luxury. You’ve really Outdone yourself.

Theo: Thanks, but maybe we should be careful not To spill drinks on the seats.

Mandy: Everybody drinks and parties in the back of a limo. Why else would they have a Wet bar?

Theo: Well, we shouldn’t be drinking out of it. We could get into trouble.

Mandy: The Chauffeur doesn’t know what we’re doing back here. The Partition is up and it’s Soundproof.

Theo: But he could hear us on the Intercom system. Let’s just relax and enjoy the ride.

Mandy: You can do that, but I’m going To blast the music and have some fun.

Theo: This isn’t a Party bus.

Mandy: No, but it could be a party limo! You’re Brilliant. Let’s go pick up a few of my friends. We’ll turn this into a great party.

Theo: What about the prom?

Mandy: We’ll get there, but first we’re going to have a Pre-party in our own party limo. What a great idea!

Theo: Me and my big mouth.

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