A Potluck

Mike: Thanks a lot for agreeing to help me plan the Block party.

Susan: Oh, I’m happy to help. I’m surprised you didn’t ask Bree. She’s so good at planning parties.

Mike: I thought about it, but I was afraid she would turn it into a Cocktail party or something.

Susan: Yeah, I see what you mean. Well, I made a Guest list to see how many people may be Attending. We can put the Invitations in their mailboxes this weekend. It will be a Potluck so I’m asking people to RSVP and to let me know what they plan to bring.

Mike: What kind of things do we need?

Susan: Well, I’m asking people to bring a Main dish, Chip and dip, or Dessert. It won’t be a BYOB like last year, so Lynette and Edie are bringing some Soda. I can supply the Paper plates and cups, and the Plastic utensils.

Mike: That’s great. It sounds like you have everything Under control.

Susan: I really can’t believe it. There’s a first time for everything!

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A Potluck