Getting a Visa to Travel

Yesenia: I have a great idea. Let’s plan a big party for your mother’s 70th birthday. We’ll invite all of your Relatives from all over the world.

Julian: I don’t think very many of them can afford to travel half way around the world for a party.

Yesenia: I’ve already spoken with your rich brother and he’s already offered to pay for your family’s airfare and hotel. If we plan it, he’ll pay for it.

Julian: Julio offered to do that? Well, if he’s On board then we can Give it a shot. But here’s another Hitch. My Extended family lives in a lot of different countries and I’m not sure they’ll get Visas to visit the U. S., especially On short notice.

Yesenia: Let’s try, anyway. Your cousins in Canada don’t need a visa because most Canadian Citizens don’t need one to cross the Border. What about your uncle in Korea?

Julian: He’s already in the U. S. on an Exchange visitor visa until June. He should be able to come.

Yesenia: What about your aunt in Greece?

Julian: She won’t need a visa because Greece is one of the countries in the Visa Waiver Program.

Yesenia: Do you think your nephews in South Africa will want to come?

Julian: I’m not sure what the visa situation is there. We’ll have to check with the State Department.

Yesenia: I’ll Get on the horn first thing in the morning to see what I can find out. I might email them and ask them to check with the Embassy or Consulate there to be sure. This party is really Shaping up.

Julian: You seem to have it all under control.

Yesenia: Haven’t you always said that Party planning is my middle name?

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