Getting Travel Documents

Joyce: We need to apply for our Passports now if we want to have them In time for our trip to McQuillanland.

Steven: I have a passport.

Joyce: Yes, but it Expired last year. You need to Renew it before you can get a Visa. McQuillanland requires a visa and Vaccinations before they’ll allow Entry into the country.

Steven: Okay, okay, where is the application? I thought U. S. citizens could Travel freely in McQuillanland.

Joyce: That used to be true, but their Policies have changed. We also need to bring our applications to their Consulate in person, with all of the Supporting documents.

Steven: Fine. The application asks which visa Classification we’re applying for. Should I check student or Tourist?

Joyce: Even though we’re taking a language course while we’re there, we’re asking for a tourist visa. We can stay for three months on a tourist visa.

Steven: What are they going to do if we Overstay our visa, Deport us?

Joyce: Yes they will, and you don’t want to deal with the McQuillanland Authorities. They’re not known for being kind to Lawbreakers.

Steven: Those McQuillanlanders are My kind of people.

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