Getting Standard Medical Test Results

Judith: I had my Annual physical two weeks ago and I just got a copy of the Lab results, but I can’t figure out what they mean.

Steven: Let me take a look. The results of your blood tests are good. Your Cholesterol is within the normal Range, your Glucose levels are fine, your Hormone levels are good, and your red and white Blood cell counts are normal, too.

Judith: That’s good news.

Steven: You did well on your EKG stress test and your Bone density scan is fine.

Judith: Really? That’s great. What about the other results?

Steven: There appears to be no problems with your Pap smear or Mammogram results, either.

Judith: I’m really glad to hear that. I hate going through those exams. I’m glad I don’t have to do them more often.

Steven: Just be glad you’re not a man.

Judith: Why’s that?

Steven: If you were a man, you’d have to have a PSA…and a DRE.

Judith: A what?

Steven: You don’t want to know.

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