A Trip to the Library

I read in the Local paper that a new public library had just opened two weeks ago in my neighborhood. I wanted to Check it out. But first, I called the library to check the Hours of operation. The Librarian told me that they were open Monday through Saturday from 10 to 6 so I decided to See the new library For myself.

I parked my car in the library parking lot and walked in. There were two Library clerks Behind the counter and a librarian at the Reference desk. I walked around and spotted the Non-fiction section and moved onto the Fiction stacks. There was a pretty good Collection in both of these areas. I wanted to see if they had a book I’ve been wanting to read so I went over to the computer to check the online Catalogue. As it turns out, they had one Copy and it had not been Checked out. I wrote down the call number and went to the stacks. I found it Right away.

When I walked in, I also noticed that the library had music CDs, videos, and DVDs that could be checked out. I looked briefly at the collection but decided not to check out any Right then.

I had my book and I was all set. I stood in line and waited to check my book out. The library clerk said, “Next please,” and I Stepped up to the counter. I asked her what the loan period was for the book. She told me that the Due date was Three weeks from today. I gave her my Library card. She Scanned the bar code On my book and Stamped the due date on the back of it. It was Quick and easy. I was so glad to have a nice new library so close to home.

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