A Trip to the Jewelry Store

My wife’s birthday was Coming up And I wanted to get her a special Present. She always tells me to not to Splurge on gifts for her but For once, I decided To pull out all the stops.

I went to the Jewelry Store and began looking at all of the Display cases. I started by looking at the Bracelets. The sales clerk asked me if I was looking for a Bangle or a Chain bracelet. I told her that I wasn’t sure and she showed me some in Yellow gold, white gold, And Platinum. None of them seemed like my wife’s Style so I moved onto the Rings. The clerk asked if my wife liked Diamonds and I told her that she did, but that she also liked other stones, like Emeralds, Rubies, or Sapphires. I looked at a lot of anniversary Bands but none really Fit the bill.

Finally, I walked over to the display case with the Necklaces. There was a Pearl necklace with a really beautiful Clasp. I had never seen anything like it before and I was sure my wife was going to like it. I told the clerk that I would Take it.

The clerk placed the necklace in its box and Gift-wrapped it. I have to say that when I left the store, I felt pretty Proud of myself. I knew my wife would like the present and I picked it out All by myself. Now, I can’t wait to see The look on her face When she opens it!

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