A Visit to the Doctor

Going to the doctor is never Particularly pleasant for me. But I couldn’t Put it off Any longer. It was time for my Annual physical, and there was no Getting around it. So I picked up the phone and called for an appointment. “I’d like to see Dr. Shimoya next week, please, if that’s possible,” I said. Of course, it wasn’t possible. The doctor was Booked until next month, the Receptionist told me. “Okay,” I said, “let’s schedule it for next month.‚”

When the day arrives, I drive over to the doctor and Check-in at the receptionist desk. I have to present my HMO card and pay the Co-pay of $15.00. The receptionist instructs me to go to Waiting room B, Down the hall, first door on the right. So I go there and take a seat to wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, my name is Called and I go into see the doctor. The nurse Weighs me, Takes my Temperature and Blood pressure, and asks me why I’m there. I tell her it’s time for my Yearly check-up. She tells me to follow her to the Examination Room, and then To strip down to my Underwear. Now I’m sitting on the Exam table, half-freezing, waiting for the doctor To show up. Finally, he walks in, looks at my Chart, and begins his examination. “Breathe,” he says, as he places the Stethoscope on my chest. “Breathe in and out slowly,” he says. I do so. Then he checks my throat and has me lay down to check my Abdomen. Finally, he Orders a Blood test and says, “Well, you’re good for another year, Mr. McQuillan.” Thank goodness, I think to myself, and get dressed to leave.

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