Minor Medical Injuries

Cherise: Rise and shine! Isn’t it a lovely day? I love Getting back to nature. There’s nothing like going Camping. How did you sleep?

Evan: That was the most Miserable night of my life!

Cherise: Really? What happened?

Evan: I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I heard a bear. I got up, Stubbed my toe, and Tripped. I have Scratches all over my arms, not to mention these Bruises on my legs. See?

Cherise: Oh, don’t you know that there aren’t any bears this late in the year?

Evan: How should I have known that? This was my first time camping.

Cherise: All right. Why are you holding your neck like that?

Evan: I couldn’t get comfortable at all sleeping on the ground. I woke up with a Crick in my neck.

Cherise: Stop moving around like that or you’ll really hurt yourself.

Evan: Oh, I have a Cramp in my shoulder! It hurts!

Cherise: I told you not To twist around like that. Just let it Work itself out.

Evan: All of this had to happen to me after getting A stitch in my side and a Charley horse hiking five miles yesterday. I’ve Had it! I’m going back to Civilization.

Cherise: How are you getting there?

Evan: What do you mean? I’m walking.

Cherise: Without food or water? You’d better wait for me or you may end up bear Bait after all!

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