Sports-Related Injuries

Grace: What happened to you?!

Paul: I had a little accident at the game today.

Grace: Little accident?! You’re Limping and obviously in pain!

Paul: I just Pulled a muscle in my back and Aggravated my Runner’s knee, that’s all. It’s nothing to worry about.

Grace: And you’re still recovering from the Sprained ankle, Concussion, and neck Strain from three weeks ago. Don’t you think you should sit out of the game for the next few weeks?

Paul: I might have to, but these aren’t serious Injuries. They’re just part of playing sports.

Grace: I hate to bring this up again, but you’re not a 20-year-old anymore. Maybe your Ligaments, Tendons, and Joints aren’t what they used to be.

Paul: Don’t start with me. I’m In the prime of my life and in perfect physical condition. Don’t try to tell me I’m Over the hill just because I get an injury or two now and then.

Grace: I’m not saying you’re over the hill. I just worry that you can’t sit, stand, or lie down comfortably.

Paul: Who says I can’t…ow!

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Sports-Related Injuries