Extreme Sports

Celeste: I’m so glad it’s Friday. Are you doing anything this weekend?

Ryan: I’m going Snowboarding with James.

Celeste: Didn’t you guys go Bungee jumping last weekend?

Ryan: Yeah, and we plan to go Cave diving in a couple of weeks.

Celeste: I didn’t know you were into Extreme sports. I guess it’s a big Adrenaline rush.

Ryan: It is. But for me, it’s about Pushing myself to the limit.

Celeste: Aren’t you afraid of Getting hurt?

Ryan: Sure. There’s always a Danger of getting hurt, but we don’t do these sports Competitively. It’s just for fun. I like trying new Stunts and seeing how far we can Push the boundaries of the sport. Do you want to come with us sometime?

Celeste: Me? I’m not really the Adventurous type.

Ryan: You never know. You might like it. After cave diving, we’ll probably try Climbing.

Celeste: Oh, that doesn’t sound too bad. I’ve done some climbing before.

Ryan: I should tell you that we plan on going Ice climbing.

Celeste: Oh. In that case, I think I’ll Pass. Have fun this weekend.

Ryan: Thanks and let me know if you change your mind.

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Extreme Sports