Participating in Winter Sports

Hanna: It’s finally Snowing outside! Soon we’ll be able to get out the Sled.

Ahmed: Sledding is for kids. I’m going Downhill skiing as soon as there’s enough Powder. I can’t wait to feel the wind in my hair as I Careen down the side of a mountain.

Hanna: You’re more likely to be on the Bunny slopes! You’ve only been on a Snowmobile once and gone Cross-country skiing a few times. What makes you think you’ll be able to ski the slopes like an expert?

Ahmed: I can Ice skate better than you can, so no matter what, I know I’ll be better at it than you’ll be. When I Get the hang of skiing, I’ll probably try Snowboarding.

Hanna: Now I know you’re Blowing smoke. You don’t Have the nerve.

Ahmed: Oh, yeah? I challenge you a game of one-on-one Ice hockey.

Hanna: You’re twice my size! Make it a snowball fight.

Ahmed: You’re on!

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Participating in Winter Sports