Using Illegal Drugs

Nancy: So, what do you think?

Ron: Uh, that was interesting.

Nancy: That’s all you have to say? I spent six months making this Anti-drug film to show students in schools to try and Deter illegal drug use.

Ron: Well, I’m not sure if it Gets the point across.

Nancy: What do you mean? I show Footage of people using Hardcore drugs.

Ron: That’s just it. You start by showing people Smoking pot, making the point that it’s a Gateway drug, and then showing Addicts popping pills, Shooting up heroine, and Snorting and Freebasing cocaine.

Nancy: I’m trying to show the Downhill spiral that results from illegal drug use.

Ron: But considering how incredibly Explicit the film is, I’m afraid that teachers might mistake it for some other type of film.

Nancy: What do you mean? What type of film?

Ron: Well, instead of an anti-drug educational film, it seems more Instructional. If kids don’t know how to use illegal drugs before, they will after watching this film!

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