Change is always for the better – Перемены всегда к лучшему

A change is an act or result of something becoming different. It can be also a fact of a situation, a place or an experience being different from what is usual and therefore likely to be interesting, enjoyable, etc. “Chocolat” is a film that is one of the brightest illustrations for an act of change.

The main character of the film, Vianne changed the town where she has arrived with her daughter. It was a tranquil, old-fashioned French town, people, who lived there, followed the traditions, they visited church, etc. The mayor of the town with its citizens was against Vianne and her chocolate shop. They did not want to change anything intheir life-styles — just “what for?” — they wondered. Vianne could guess the desires of people and she helped them giving this or that type of chocolate. Step by step, the owner of the chocolate shop changed people`s minds and their way of life. Magically? Maybe …

This is a film but is it always true in reality?

Vianne changed the town for the better and is it possible in our lives? There are two ways of the development of the changes, either for the better or vice versa. Which way this or that situation will develop in? Everything is possible in the world of “magic”. Let us consider the situation that will be viewed as positive.

We always think about something, and our thoughts are “able” to come true. If you wish something good, it will be realised in your life exactly the way you thought it over. The film “Secret” proves it.

By the way, changes can not always be for the better, unfortunately. You are the master of your own life and you canimprove it for the better but it can not be refer to the whole universe. Different spheres of life, including politics, education and health care leave much to be desired. We hear from the news that there are some changes but only in theory.

Politicos think only about their well-being and change at least something for themselves. The system of education leaves much to be desired. We have these awful tests for pupils and such written works can`t check the knowledge of literature or something like this concerning humanities. The system of health care can`t be improved only due to the promises of the politicians to change something. Thus, the answer to the question “Are the changes always for the better?” is the following: “Not always and not everywhere.”

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Change is always for the better – Перемены всегда к лучшему