Can we live longer – Можем ли мы жить дольше

Young people consider that their life is long, but old people often say that life runs so quickly. As far as we know the length of life in Russia is shorter than in other countries. The average person lives only 70-75 years nowadays. Women live a little longer than men. There are many reasons to this fact. We have lost a lot of men during local war conflicts, transport accidents, because of social atmosphere. We lose a lot of young people every year because of drugs and alcohol.

Mankind cannot cope with some diseases. Our life has become shorter because we do not care of our environment. Air, water and soil pollution causes lotsof illnesses. We often do not think what we eat. What is tasty is not always healthy. People usually do not have time to enjoy a home-cooked meal with family and friends. We want to eat now and to eat fast. If we eat too much, we will become obese and obesity leads to heart diseases, diabetes and other serious illnesses.

People today are becoming fatter and fatter. We do not move enough. Lack of exercise is another serious problem. For example, there are many opportunities for doing sports in our town: a swimming pool, sports centers, a stadium. But lots of young people prefer to spend hours in front of computers or TV sets. I am glad that our government pays great attention to development of sport, alcohol and smoking problems. There are a lot of TV and radio programmes devoted to these aspects.

Scientists say that with a healthier lifestyle and better medical care an average human being will live up to 90-100 years old. When the human genome is decoded, we will be able to live up to 150. Incurable diseases will be cured and “bad” genes will be replaced. I believe in success of medical science. I think that first of all every person should care of his own health. When people are healthy, they are happy. And they are able to achieve success in their lives.

That is why we should care of ourselves!

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