Фразовые глаголы с “PULL”

Pull round – поправляться
He was just beginning to pull round after his operation.

Pull away – выделяться, отрываться от лидера
Sullivan pulled away in the final lap.

Pull back – отступать
Our tank forces pulled back to regroup.

Pull off – отходить, отъезжать
If you’re feeling sleepy, pull off the road immediately and have a rest.

Pull out – вынимать, выдвигать, отменять
The firm is pulling out of the personal computer business.

Pull up – останавливать, исправлять
Their taxi pulled up outside the church.

Pull in – останавливаться
We pulled in at the side of the road.

Pull on – натягивать одежду
Emily pulled on her gloves as she walked.

Pull down – снести
The old warehouse has been pulled down.

Pull over – останавливаться
Let’s pull over and have a look at the map.

Pull apart – развести драку
Aren’t you going to pull them apart?

Pull ahead – опередить
The German team pulled ahead in the next race.

Pull through – выжить, протянуть
Don’t worry, your dad’s going to pull through

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