Quitting Smoking

Vera: Hi, I thought you might be out here. Geez, it’s really cold!

Paul: I know, but I really needed a Smoke break after that long meeting. Can I Bum one off you? I left my Pack of Cigarettes on my desk.

Vera: Sure. Here’s my Lighter. What do you think about the new Incentives the company is offering to employees To quit? Have you thought about it?

Paul: Yeah, but I’ve smoked for 20 years. I tried Going cold turkey once, but it didn’t work. I’m Doomed to a lifetime of Ashtrays and Stained fingers.

Vera: I’ve been Butting heads with my boyfriend for years. He wants me to quit, but I say, To each his own.

Paul: The incentives are pretty good, though, I have to admit: a cash Bonus and more money towards our health plans.

Vera: Yeah, I could use the cash. Have you tried one of those Nicotine patches?

Paul: No, I haven’t.

Vera: Well…I’ll try it if you will.

Paul: Do you think it would work? I think I’m a Lost cause.

Vera: I’m not sure, but if you’ll try them, I will, too.

Paul: Okay, but I’m warning you. I have no Willpower.

Vera: All right, but just remember: No pain, no gain.

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