Talking About Old Crimes

Paul: What are you watching?

Della: I’m watching a really good show about Cold cases. They take Unsolved crimes from Decades ago and Reconstruct them, trying to solve them Once and for all.

Paul: But after all this time, isn’t the Trail cold? How do they solve the crimes with no new Leads?

Della: They go over the Witness testimony and use Scientific methods that didn’t exist many years ago.

Paul: Isn’t there a Statute of limitations for most crimes?

Della: Yes, but not for Murder.

Paul: I really doubt a TV show can solve crimes that the police couldn’t Crack. Are any crimes really ever solved on the show?

Della: Yes, of course.

Paul: How? Through Crack Investigative methods or a Keen eye for detail?

Della: Deathbed confessions.

Paul: Ah.

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