Winning the Lottery

Daniela: I got our Lottery tickets during my lunch break. The Jackpot is up to $168 million. Imagine if we won.

Boris: Thanks for getting mine, too. When is the drawing?

Daniela: Saturday at 6 PM. It’s being Televised on channel 4.

Boris: What would you do if you had $168 million?

Daniela: The first thing I would do is quit my job! No more Slaving away for me. What would you do?

Boris: If I were Rich, I would Travel around the world. If I were younger, I’d learn how to fly a plane. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Daniela: It’s Never too late. You could still do that.

Boris: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’d probably just Retire and buy myself a nice new house.

Daniela: Yeah, that sounds nice. I Suppose I’d have a lot of family and friends asking for money.

Boris: I know I would. I can just see them Coming out of the woodwork and Pestering me. Maybe winning the lottery isn’t such a good thing.

Daniela: You’re right. It’s a Curse. When you win, you can give me all of the money.

Boris: Yeah, right. Don’t hold your breath!

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