Wiring Money to Another Country

Mahmoud: My brother emailed about an Emergency situation. He needs $300 by tomorrow, but how can I get Cash to him within 24 hours if I’m here in Mexico City and he’s in New York?

Sharon: That’s easy. You can Wire him the money from here and he can pick it up immediately there.

Mahmoud: You mean wire him money through the bank? I already checked with my bank and it’ll take at least five days for them To process the wire.

Sharon: You can just use a private wire service like Western Union and the money will be available to him immediately. I wire money all the time using Western Union. Here is a Blank form. I can help you Fill it out if you want me to.

Mahmoud: That would be great. Hey, this form is for a Money transfer. Is that the same thing as a wire?

Sharon: Yes, it’s the same thing. Fill out the receiver or Recipient information here and the Sender information there.

Mahmoud: Can I pay in Local currency? I don’t

have that much cash in U. S. dollars.

Sharon: Sure. When you go to the Western Union office, they’ll Calculate how much you’ll have to pay according to the current Exchange rate.

Mahmoud: Is there a Fee?

Sharon: Yeah, there is, and it’s a little higher if you want the money to be available immediately. If you had more time, you could save a little by using the slower service that makes the money available in three Business days. All done?

Mahmoud: Yeah, I think so. Now what?

Sharon: Now you take this to the nearest Western Union office. They’ll give you a copy of this form with a Control number. Your brother can use that control number to pick up the money from any Western Union office in New York.

Mahmoud: Sharon, you’re a Lifesaver.

Sharon: So, what’s the emergency?

Mahmoud: Tickets go on sale tomorrow for my favorite baseball team. My brother and I have to get tickets.

Sharon: That’s the emergency?!

Mahmoud: For us, it’s A matter of life and death.

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Wiring Money to Another Country