Hiding Money Offshore

Sabrina: Wait! Don’t Deposit that money into our regular Bank account. I’ll take care of it.

Luis: Okay, but why?

Sabrina: I’ve come up with a way for us to avoid paying so much in Taxes each year. I’ve opened an Offshore account in the Crook Islands. We can Funnel our money into that account and it’ll be Untraceable.

Luis: But that’s Tax evasion.

Sabrina: The banks in the Crook Islands have ways of Covering up the Paper trail so No one will be the wiser.

Luis: That doesn’t make it legal.

Sabrina: They haven’t caught us yet.

Luis: You mean you’ve already started putting money into that account?

Sabrina: I’ve been depositing money into it for nearly a year.

Luis: And when were you going to tell me?

Sabrina: I’m telling you now. Trust me. These Tax havens are very popular with the rich. We’re just Taking a page from their book on how to save money.

Luis: We’re going To get caught. We should Come clean now.

Sabrina: That’s why I didn’t tell you before! I knew you’d Make a fuss about it.

Luis: And you were right. We need to quietly close the account and bring the money back.

Sabrina: Then we’ll have to pay taxes on it and maybe even a Penalty, more than we would’ve had to pay in taxes originally.

Luis: Right and that’s called Poetic justice.

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Hiding Money Offshore