Landscaping a Home

Mona: I want a Lawn. I’ve always pictured our new house with a lawn.

Kellan: Lawns require a lot of water and Upkeep. I think we should use Hardscape for most of the yard and plant only Drought-tolerant plants.

Mona: I don’t want my yard to be full of Gravel and rocks. I picture a Water feature in the middle, with Annuals and Perennials planted all around it, surrounded by a big, beautiful lawn.

Kellan: We can have some kind of slow-growing Ground cover if you want to, but the rest isn’t practical.

Mona: I don’t know what you mean. We can plant a Hedge over there and install Planters along the Walkway.

Kellan: Who will do the Pruning and Mulching? Who will Pull the weeds and Mow the lawn? Who will Rake the leaves when the seasons change?

Mona: Well, I guess I will, with your help.

Kellan: Don’t count on me. My motto is: No muss, no fuss!

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Landscaping a Home