Preventing Shoplifting

Luis: Wow, what happened here? I was only away on vacation for two weeks.

Thelma: While you were gone, we Redesigned this store with an Anti-theft system.

Luis: Is that why there are Surveillance cameras and Security guards everywhere?

Thelma: That’s right. We’re losing too much money to Shoplifters and I’m finally doing something about it. From now on, it’s Zero tolerance. I don’t care if they’re Petty thieves or Kleptomaniacs. I’m Rooting out every Instance of shoplifting and Prosecuting to the full extent of the law.

Luis: What are all these cases for?

Thelma: I’m putting the pricier Merchandise Under lock and key, and I’ve put Security tags on most other items. I’m Weighing whether to do Exit inspections. I don’t want To go overboard.

Luis: [sighs] No, you wouldn’t want to do that.

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Preventing Shoplifting