Preventing Binge Drinking

Danielle: They’re At it again. Those college kids next door are having another Kegger.

Nabil: That’s what we get for buying a house this close to a college. College students will have keggers and they’ll Binge drink. It’s a Rite of passage.

Danielle: It’s dangerous to their health and a Menace to the neighborhood, and I’m going to do something about it.

Nabil: There’s nothing we can do. If it Gets out of hand, we can call the Cops, but let’s not Overreact.

Danielle: I’m not overreacting. They’re college students so I’m going to teach them about the dangers of binge drinking.

Nabil: What are you going to do?

Danielle: I’m going to wait on the Sidewalk and Pass out flyers as people arrive. This flyer lists the many health reasons they should Moderate their drinking. It’s For their own good.

Nabil: And you think college students are going To give you the time of day?

Danielle: I won’t let them Pass unless they agree To drink responsibly.

Nabil: I have a feeling we’ll see the cops tonight.

Danielle: You think the party will get out of hand?

Nabil: No, I think they’ll be here to arrest the crazy lady Waylaying people outside of their house!

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