Opening a Bank Account

I decided to Switch banks recently, and after looking at my options, I Went for Mar Vista National Bank. I Drove over to the bank, parked next to the Drive-through teller lanes, and walked inside. I made my way to the new Accounts desk, and was greeted by John, one of the customer service representatives there. I told him I wanted to open a new Checking and Savings account. He said he’d be happy to help me, and gave me A form to fill out with my personal information, including place of employment, home address, and so forth. I had to show him A government-issued ID And give him my Social Security number.

John asked if I wanted an Interest-bearing Account with Overdraft protection. Technically, he said, the savings account is a Money market where I can earn interest daily. The Checking was free if I had Direct deposit, and my checks were also free. I Signed on the dotted line, gave him the Minimum deposit to open the account, and thanked him for his help. I’m glad I got that out of the way. Now all I need to do is make some money to put into my accounts!

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