Planning a Company Retreat

Sharon: So, Leo, how are the plans Coming along For the Company retreat?

Leo: I’ve made most of the Arrangements and I think it’s going well. I’m Planning to send out information about the Two-day event to the managers at the end of this week.

Sharon: What do you have Set up for the Opening day? There’s normally a welcome dinner.

Leo: That’s what I have Arranged. Then, for the following day, I’ve Lined up several Speakers and Panels to talk about Productivity, Teamwork, and the other topics we discussed.

Sharon: Good. What about Recreation? We don’t want it to be All work and no play.

Leo: The hotel where we’re Holding the retreat this year has Golf and water sports. I don’t think the managers will be bored.

Sharon: Well, it sounds like you have it all Under control. Keep up the good work.

Leo: Thanks.

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Planning a Company Retreat