A Generation Gap

Carlos: Belinda, maybe you can explain it to me. My parents still don’t Get me. I got a couple of Tattoos and they Freaked out.

Belinda: Why are you asking me? I may be a few years older than you are, but I don’t understand parents Any better than you do. They’re hopelessly Behind the times.

Carlos: I don’t really expect them To keep up with what’s going on right now or to know anything about What’s in and What’s out, but I thought they’d understand if I wanted to Express myself. They were Hippies in their day.

Belinda: Yeah, but being a hippie isn’t the same thing as being a Hipster. Most of them just don’t keep up with Pop culture. You know, now that I think about it, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing.

Carlos: What do you mean?

Belinda: Can you imagine going to the same Clubs as your parents, or you and your parents reading the same Blogs?

Carlos: Oh, that would really Suck. Okay, you’ve Made your point. Things could be a lot worse.

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A Generation Gap