Planning a Business Luncheon

One of my co-workers, Betty, was Retiring this month after working for the company 23 years. I was put In charge of planning a retirement lunch In her honor at a restaurant nearby. The company was Picking up the tab and it was Up to me to set a day and time. After asking the people in the department and finding out their Availability, I called the restaurant to make a reservation.

Manager: Bruno’s.

Jeff: Hi, I’m calling from Nika Corporation. We would like To hold a business lunch at the restaurant.

Manager: Oh, certainly. I’m Linda, the manager. I can help you with that. How many will there be in your Party?

Jeff: There will be about 18 people.

Manager: Okay. For a party that size, we have a separate Banquet room In the back.

Jeff: Is there an extra Charge to reserve the room?

Manager: No, as long as you can Guarantee at least 15 guests, there is no extra charge.

Jeff: That’s great. I’d like to go ahead and reserve the room, then, for Friday, December 2, at around noon. This is a retirement party and we’d like to bring a cake for the Guest of honor and some bottles of champagne. Will that be acceptable?

Manager: The cake is no problem at all, but we do charge a Corkage fee of $15 a bottle for any alcohol not purchased from the restaurant.

Jeff: Oh, that’s fine.

Manager: Great. I have the banquet room reserved for a luncheon for Nika Corporation on the 2nd of December. May I have your name and contact information?

Jeff: Sure. I’m Jeff McQuillan and my number is 323-555-6840, extension 42.

Manager: Thanks, Mr. McQuillan. I’ll give you a call a week In advance To confirm the Arrangements.

Jeff: Sounds good. Thanks for your help.

Manager: Thank you for choosing Bruno’s. We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd.

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