Hiring Business Consultants

Erica: So your suggestion is to hire outside Consultants to handle the extra work associated with the Expansion.

Stefan: I think there are a lot of benefits: we get someone with the right Expertise quickly, we can use him or her As needed, and we can save on employment taxes and Benefits. What’s not to like?

Erica: I’m just not sure that’s the right move right now.

Stefan: To me, it’s a No-brainer. We Call the shots. If we don’t like the consultant’s work, then we can Terminate our relationship at any time.

Erica: Yes, but that also means that the consultant won’t feel any Company loyalty and could quit working with us whenever he or she wanted to, Leaving us in a lurch.

Stefan: That’s true, but that’s also true of any employee. Company loyalty is A thing of the past. I really think we should move ahead.

Erica: Well, I think we should Take it one step at a time. Start with Contracting consultants for smaller projects and see how they do before we have them work on this big one.

Stefan: Okay, I Can live with that, as long as we don’t Drag our feet in getting people started on the big project.

Erica: Don’t worry. If I drag my feet, I know you’ll Tow me along.

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Hiring Business Consultants